Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to Best Bear Pepper Spray!

Bear Pepper Spray

Welcome to my blog:, and I hope you end up finding this a useful resource that will answer all the questions you have about bear spray, bear mace, and everything else about the number one defense against bear attacks.

After living several years in Alaska, one thing I learned was that while native Alaskans tend to love their firearms, people who went into the bush for extended periods also relied on bear pepper spray to help keep away one of North America's most feared predators. A series of scientific studies showed that when properly used, bear spray was far more effective in avoiding injury and averting a charging or over curious bear than any firearm.

In the posts to come I'll review the different types of bear sprays, their use, studies showing their effectiveness, and hopefully everything else you will ever need to know about bear pepper spray and protecting yourself from bears in the wild.

So thanks for visiting my "Best Bear Pepper Spray" blog, and feel free to leave comments on any of the posts!